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Instant Banking Anytime Anywhere

With far more smartphones than cable internet connections available and with retail consumers investing more resources in mobile devices, mobile banking is fast on the rise.

Mobile banking used to be an ‘app’ extension of the internet based cash management system, be it with often only summary functionality (account management, payments, utilities). But when you come to think of it, progressing technology not only makes it possible for the mobile customer to reach his bank any time and any place, but it also allows his bank to know when and where the customers find themselves … and reach out to them in an active dialogue based on the location / activity of the moment, their financial history and so forth.

Professional Financial Mobile App Builder

The solid three-component app-builder services ‘write-once-service-all’ all mobile devices (Android, IOS, BlackBerry and Windows phones) with their most current Operating Systems and thus guarantees a fast time-to-market.

Prime Mobile Studio : flexible and easy-to-use tool for the actual design of the app
Prime Mobile Server : channel manager, process services, unified transanctions, security, integration and delivery
Prime Mobile : extensive IOS libaries and client API


Prime Mobile provides an integrated development platform for mobile applications with a comprehensive technology that allows a developer to write once the UI, business process. It also allows to test and deploy applications into multiple smartphone platforms such as iOS, Android, Blackberry OS, and Windows phone.

The solution includes a mobile native application (or ‘app’) hybrid with seamless integration to any existing application or back-end system. The PrimeMobile platform would enable the corporation to reduce time-to-market in launching mobile applications and services to the market.


Value added for banking

The exceptional beefed up multi channel functionality – nearly ‘a la carte’makes the Solution stand out in present day Mobile Banking Market without competition
Personalized cross sellingcombined or not with third party offers, vouchers, loyalty schemes …), with actionable insights / alerts according to their specific profile and when and where they need it (GPS .. shopping mall – showroom cars …). Instant and impulse banking ‘at the customers’ fingertips’. Combined with recurring monthly subscription Mobile Banking has big revenue generating potential.


Value added for customer

Extended notification, functionality, personalizationwith potential community and lifestyle appeal, tailored to the customers needs within the corporate identity and marketing stragegy of the bank.
Large number of secure payment channels at their fingertipsone interface may service multi channel (bank and virtual e-account, virtual ATM card, credit / debit card, e-money, e-wallet …) without need for login / logout.
Client-centered customizable design and features. 



Prime Mobile StudioThe most flexible and easy to use studio to add and change the content and re-usable services.
Prime Mobile ServerChannel Manager, Process Services, Unified Notifications, Security, Integration and Delivery.
Prime Mobile Device ModuleDevice Engine on the mobile device, extensive libraries, API and interface with native device functionality.

Posted by / March 19, 2017