JITS Optimal 9 Core Banking

Just-in-time Solutions LTD., (JITS) founded in the beginning of 2008 by a team of self-motivated, dedicated and experienced professionals in both information technology and financial industry, Today JITS operates as regional software solutions company with branches and representative offices in ASEAN countries, based on numbers of experienced and professional staffs with in-depth knowledge in consulting, developing, deploying information systems in banking and financial industry.

Core 9

Optimal9 – This is the core-banking system built by JITS since 2008 on a modern architecture base, with stable and advanced technology, and compliance with both international standards as well as local regulatory. The application of Optimal9 aims at managing the operations and functions of banks with features available including: centralized and online processing, flexibility, high parameterization and automation, security, user-friendly interface, allowing multi- monetary processing, deposits and withdrawals in various locations, and easy connection with external systems and service channels.

N-tier Architecture

The Optimal9 framework is designed with the principles:

  • Open and advance technology
  • Scalability
  • SOA architecture

As any big system design, The Optimal9 framework is designed with the N-tier architecture: