iConnect Call Center

System Unified Messaging, IP Telephony and Call Center which has several functions that work to suit your level of customer service.

  • Auto-responder.(Auto-attendant).
  • Call distribution system (Automatic Call Distribution) calls can be distributed to your employees respond equally or according to your needs.
  • The distribution system is based on the ability of employees to accept (Skill-based routing).
  • Recording system calls (Voice Logger).
  • Support system of Telephony on SIP standard for future widening to increase the mobility and is not exclusive to Fort Wayne.
  • Fax-on-demand systems.(Fax-On-Demand) for faxing to customers.
  • Serina fax server (Fax Server)can receive faxes and emails to the recipient. This reduces the loss of documents and to optimize performance.


CRM Integration.

Applications with the back of the house with your phone system can be tricky and expensive, but can work with SugarCRM ® iConnect PBX or is it about any web-based application without the need for complex techniques.


Calling features

Special features such as call forwarding, call transfer automatically. The call of the caller or the caller ID. The three lines together. And the use of several models that meet your business needs, working together in a single device.

    • Automated Attendant.
    • Blind Transfer.
    • Call Detail Records.
    • Call Forward on Busy / No Answer / Variable.
    • Call Monitoring.
    • Call Parking.
    • Call Queuing.
    • Call Recording.
    • Call Retrieval.
    • Call Routing (DID & ANI).
    • Call Transfer.
    • Call Waiting.
    • Caller ID.
    • Caller ID Blocking.
    • Caller ID on Call Waiting.
  • Conference Bridging.
  • Database Integration.
  • Direct Inward System Access.
  • Distinctive Ring.
  • Do Not Disturb.
  • Fax Transmit and Receive (3rd Party OSS Package).
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR).
  • Local and Remote Call Agents.
  • Music On Hold.
  • Music On Transfer.
  • Predictive Dialer.
  • Protocol Conversion.
  • Remote Call Pickup.
  • Three-way Calling.

iContact CRM

Customer systems. This is a user-friendly CRM system can be installed quickly to serve customers effectively. The development and extension of the SugarCRM ™ system, which is used in many countries.

  • Sales Force Automationsystem for contact management, customer accounts and preparation of quotations.
  • Marketing and Campaign Automationsystem that can send messages to their target audience in both Email and SMS can also include analysis of the response of a group goal.
  • Campaign for the phone system.To a larger audience (Mass Outbound Calling Campaign).
  • Campaign system for faxing.To a larger audience (Mass outbound Faxing Campaign).
  • Case ManagementSystem and  Base to support the customer service.
  • Connected SAP systems via Web Front-end and a Web Service architecture.